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PHOENIX KEATING launches Vaudevillian

With the incredible success of his debut collection, being the most highly anticipated show at Australia’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this year, it’s with no surprise that Phoenix Keating has been scouted out by some of New York’s fashion royalty to showcase his upcoming collection ‘Vaudevillian’ on a much larger scale, to some of the biggest names in the international fashion industry in early October 2013, with help and support of New York Public Relations agency L.E.R P.R.

This endeavour will be the pinnacle of the young designer’s career to date, and with the quality and originality of the work that Phoenix is producing; International stardom is just around the corner. Having already gotten the attention of Lady Gaga, Kimbra and the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar New York, just to name a few, his transition into an overseas demographic should come with ease.

A select few had the pleasure of seeing an exclusive showing of this collection before it goes to New York at Hibernian House yesterday. We could not release any photographs of the new pieces before their launch but I am able to share some behind the scenes photos captured by Brandon Voight.
I am wearing dress by Abrisham (which means silk in Persian) red heels by Zara, and red Hermes Birkin.

Thank you to Faith at Raw Fashion Agency for the invitation, it was delightful and I absolutely love the new collection!




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