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Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Elin moved to Australia in 2009 and she has since then completed a Diploma in Jewellery and Object and recently launched her diffusion line ELINH.
She has previously collaborated with jewellery and fashion designers on several projects including “Jewellery in Australia: from antiquity to now” a competition and exhibition held by the Powerhouse Museum, in which she was selected as a finalist for her work with Japanese jewellery designer Saori Kita.

Elin creates high quality pieces that are raw, meaningful and echoes of simplicity. All of her pieces are made from 100% solid sterling silver and designed and handfinished in her Sydney studio.
Her scandinavian background sets tone of alot of her work, but she also draw inspiration from nature. She believes that the balance between the piece and the wearer is very important and there is always an awareness of the body when she creates a piece.
“In a world that is full of massproduced jewellery, quality pieces are becoming harder to find. I believe a piece of jewellery should last and be unique, thats why put so much time and thought into each piece.”
To view the whole collection go to www.elinhammarstom.com
Photographed by Ben Scott
Hair and Make Up by Tianne Conti



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