Kirini Suites and Spa, Santorini

Kirini Suites and Spa, Santorini -

    Kirini Suites and Spa Oia in Santorini is known for the magical view of the Caldera and as soon as you enter Kirini Suites & Spa all your senses understand why people flock to this side of the island. Taking the word luxury into a whole new level the idyllic Santorini atmosphere with this place […]

Santorini Yachting Club

Santorini Yachting Club -

Santorini Yachiting Club Santorini Yachting Club is an experienced yachting charter company using the picturesque village of Oia as their base. The charismatic Triantafillou Bros provided a beautiful experience and opportunity to enjoy the unique landscapes and stunning coastline of Santorini on their catamaran for the afternoon. We sailed with Santorini Yachting Club around the Caldera and went exloring the pockets […]

Charisma Suites, Santorini

Charisma Suites, Santorini -

As the European summer comes to an end, I will be summarising all the must see resorts that I went to in Greece this year in this post and the next few to come. These come with the highest recommendations and if you need any more info please let me know as I can answer any questions […]