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Santorini Yachting Club

Santorini Yachiting Club
Santorini Yachting Club is an experienced yachting charter company using the picturesque village of Oia as their base. The charismatic Triantafillou Bros provided a beautiful experience and opportunity to enjoy the unique landscapes and stunning coastline of Santorini on their catamaran for the afternoon.
We sailed with Santorini Yachting Club around the Caldera and went exloring the pockets of the cliffs, the waters so clear that you could feel like you could touch the bottom and so warm you can swim all day. Our private cruise departed from the picturesque port of Ammoudi, right below the cosmopolitan village of Oia where we were staying.
The catamaran was brand new and very luxe, I didnt want to leave.
Sipping on champagne while we watched the world go by…
Wearing dress by Bronx and Banco and Glass Ceiling Swimwear

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