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RCK – Red Carpet Kolour


RCK – Red Carpet Kolour
Celebrity MUA Joanna Schlip came on board with OFRA Cosmetics to create the first luminous body lotion that stays put and does not rub off on your clothes! This product was created especially for the awards season because a number of celebrities that Joanna was working with were having issues keeping body make up off the expensive, loaned clothes that they were wearing.
This product comes in Light, Medium and Tan and provides a gorgeous glowing coverage on many imperfections including pigmentation, veins, cellulite, stretch marks, age spots and wrinkles. It is a great product for everyday wear as well as if you are going out.I have been using this for photo shoots and for going out and its an incredible product! My skin always looks glowing when I use this. Best part is it does not move at all. Definitely a FAVE
RCK comes in 3 colors- light, medium and tan ($39.95) and can be found here:
www.ofracosmetics.com Wearing Red Carpet Kolour
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