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Lisa Blue – Far Far Away Collection

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Lisa Blue
Being in the blue and diving with all the amazing sea life while I was in the Philippines recently, I feel very connected to the story of designer Lisa Burke. I love the reason why she started her beautiful label – Lisa Blue.
I am wearing one of the new designs from the new 2014 FAR FAR AWAY’ collection. Having lived in exotic, distant cultures and walked the road less travelled has given Lisa an abundance of creative ideas for her world of design, inspired by life experiences and passions.
A vintage, fairy tale theme can be seen in the new collection. The lush velvet and lace story ‘Sorceress’ reflects a time of old. It is magically regal and epitomizes sensuality. Each story has it’s own uniquely beautiful look and expression of the ‘Far Far Away ‘ theme – ‘Sorceress’ symbolizes the magical power and sexuality of the woman. ‘Pegasus’ dates back to Greek mythology and is said to bring inspiration and beauty to the lives of all he encounters. ‘Winged Ones’ symbolizes spiritual elevation and freedom. The dainty, golden Lisa Blue trims add a rich, antique look exhuming elegance.
The ‘Far Far Away’ collection appeals to such a varied array of personalities and ever changing moods of the woman. And with this – Lisa Blue fulfils every girl’s wish and heart’s desire.
I am pictured wearing best seller Winged Ones Bikini in blue, which also comes in a beautiful pink too. Photo by Jamie Dichaves
This was taken at El Nido Resorts in Palawan Philippines.
All swimwear can be purchased through her website: www.lisablue.com.au

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