Work S P A C E


I love my work S P A C E
Pictured are my work essentials:
Macbook Pro
Sony Camera
Fashion Magazines
Let me elaborate that my work space actually is made up of a few different places as I am on the move a lot – but my favourite is my Newcastle office.
It is now set up with my beloved Big MAC and it has been renovated. When I uploaded this image onto my instagram I had a few people ask me about this floor. Sometimes I mix it up and sit on the floor to have my coffee. (Trust me I do own chairs and even a desk too!) To get this look we had to sand back the beautiful wooden boards underneath and finish it with a few coats of limewash. I love the look and the feel of the place now and its amazing how that changed everything!
David got me this incredible Palm Beach Collection candle last week which smells so yummy plus it is massive!! I love it! Its definitely now a feature in the loungeroom.
Photos Nathalie Saruhashi

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