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The Medispa By Matty is an elite cosmetic injectable practice which fuses artistry with world class, best practice medical science. Their mission is to enrich life by helping people realise their aesthetic desires through the world’s best non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The Medispa By Matty treatments are then tailored to a customers needs and they will work in partnership to achieve your aesthetic desires. Their goal is to be a trusted partner to clients, so one has both the confidence and security of knowing he or she is in experienced and safe hands.

Experience is one of their greatest assets. Their staff have many years of professional experience in this field. Injecting is the primary focus of their role are experts in the field. Matty herself has personally hand-selected, trained and mentored all her staff to take on her exceptional work philosophy. She has also personally pioneered and developed her own unique techniques over several years and her staff all take on this training philosophy. No matter how technically proficient a person is for the results to be special there needs to be that artistic flair. Much like a sculptor, anyone can learn how to use a chisel but not everyone can create a work of art . Talent or creative spark is an innate ability that comes from within, a talent that Matty looks for in her staff, which is then nurtured and harnessed to achieve continual fantastic results for their clients.

Services provided by The Medispa By Matty include:
Anti-wrinkle Injections & Muscle Relaxants for:
Frown line
Crow’s feet
Marionette lines
Non-surgical eye lifts
Facial slimming
Excessive sweating
Gummy smiles

Dermal Fillers for:
Cheek Augmentation
Lip restoration
Lip volume
Fine lines and wrinkles
Hand rejuvenation
Chest rejuvenation
Non-surgical facial
Smoothing of jowls and marionette jowls
Reduction of tear troughs and dark circles under eyes
Smoothing of facial folds
Replacing volume in hollow temples

Other Skin Treatments such as:
Skin Peels
IPL Photo Rejuvenation for Redness/Capillaries & Pigmentation/Freckles
Medical Micro-needling for stretch-marks and acne scarring
Refirme Skin Resurfacing
E-Matrix for Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation & Reducing Fine Lines / Wrinkles

As these treatments are medical class procedures, The Medispa By Matty only performs procedures and treatments that are tried and proven with minimal risk of problems. The Medispa by Matty is safety focused and all our services have not only undergone extensive clinical testing, they have also been field tested personally by Matty. The salon prides on effective results without risking a client’s health and safety.


Matty Samaei has been in the cosmetic industry for over 20 years. She is one of the founders of the ‘Botox movement’ in Australia, and helped pioneer the ‘Liquid Facelift’ using injectables as a more accessible alternative to traditional surgery options for facial reshaping. Matty has had extensive international training in Hong Kong, Paris and Brazil by some of the leading plastic surgeons. To date she continues to be a teacher and mentor to leading cosmetic Doctors and nurses in the industry. Having achieved numerous qualifications within this area, Matty is one of the few cosmetic nurses that have a Masters in Injecting.

Matty is known to many as the da Vinci of the industry. It’s come as no surprise that she’s at the top of her field, given her high profile client list, including some of Australia’s top actresses, singers and TV hosts. She is renowned for her artistic cosmetic skills, which has also earned her the title as an official beauty expert on national television, for shows such as The Morning Show and Sunrise.

Matty Morning Show

Sunrise - Vampire Facial

Matty is also both a Miss Universe Australia judge and official Beauty Advisor to the organisation in addition to personally advising the current Miss Universe Australia, Renae Ayris. Matty is well known in celebrity circles, both in her own right and as a trusted consultant to many high profile personalities. Her experience, knowledge and reputation have earned her several invitations to speak at conferences and ceremonies around the country.

Judging Miss Universe

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