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Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Ilanit Richter and Dan Mor the creators behind Rich & Mor Diamonds. Their beautiful office is in a prestigious heritage building in the heart of the George Street, Sydney CBD. Its true – diamonds really are a girls best friend. I was in awe of everything sparkling in front of me.
Dan Mor, more so known for his role on Underbelly especially in Australia, I was intrigued about his other business and persona ‘Diamond Dan’. Ilanit and Dan first established the business in 2006 as an importer and wholesaler supplying diamonds to retailers. They have now opened up their doors to the public offering them a unique diamond experience, tailor making a design to suit a clients needs and occasion. With their combined experience spanning 20 years, having lived and worked in the Diamond Centers of Antwerp, New-York and Tel-Aviv, both are GIA Diamond Graduates and proudly hold a reputation for exceptional customer service, quality of product and value in price.
Interesting for anyone in the market to buy a piece of jewellery – buying direct from Rich & Mor means that you will be paying a fraction of the retail price.
The diamonds that I am wearing are the black diamonds which are not as expensive as your classic white diamonds. Cut heavier, a 2ct black diamond will look smaller than a 2ct white diamond – so you must go bigger, and given their price point, you would like to think that you can. Black diamonds are genuine diamonds treated with radiation to make their color appear black under normal lighting conditions. Interestingly enough a black diamond is usually a very dark green. There are natural black diamonds but these are generally opaque. Because of high graphite inclusions, the diamonds very easily fracture and are difficult to cut. This making them difficult to polish and finish, and only for the highly skilled jeweller.
Rich and Mor as always has created a beautiful black diamond set which I wore to MBFFS 2013. Photographed by Ben Scott
For more information visit www.richandmor.com
Email info@richandmor.com
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