Shiralee Coleman

Redhead Bluff

Wearing this made me feel like some kind of princess-warrior – standing on the edge of that incredible cliff overlooking the full extent of the beach, a spot known as Redhead Bluff.
The head pieces that I am wearing are particularly special in that they are designed by Maria Elena, a true artist in the intricate detail that each piece is made with such beauty and care. Her jewels have been worn by celebrities such as Mariah Carey and Alyssa Milano just to name a few. Her bridal headband and accessory designs have also been featured on magazine covers around the world. Now, there is no wonder I was drawn to them! When Helena first showed me her collection at Exquisite Jewels HQ, I just couldn’t wait to photograph them. Helena was equally excited, as she is a firm believer that each piece in her showroom must be worn, and must be loved.
I am wearing it with Nookie Casino crop and pencil skirt set – I just cannot get enough of Nookie at the moment. Best dresses for going out!
Lashes by Social Eyes
Photos Nathalie Saruhashi
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