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Little White Dress

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I am thrilled to introduce some of the work from Nathalie Saruhashi from Zuela Design. She is currently interning with me and she is a girl of many wonderful talents
She has recently finished her Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication and Design. Majority of her work is focused on fashion, photography and print designs. She loves creating logos, invitations, advertising as well as in store merchandising and fashion marketing.
We recently finished our first project which was to do a photo shoot to be featured on Kitten Ink. This was the result and I love the photos!
Wearing Achea-mpong by Mutesi, we have nicknamed it the “Marilyn Dress” in the office – because it reminds us of Miss Munroe. The gold cuff is by Opa Designs.
To see Natalie’s website go to www.zueladesign.com.au
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