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Kitten Ink is pleased to announce that KI has a new office located in the centre of Sydney’s fashion district!

Kitten Ink was first launched as a fashion blog. The blog reports all the latest fashion campaigns, editorials on an international scale, as well as the styling and production of various photo shoots by Shiralee. After receiving a following of over 27000 subscribers and due to demand in the market, Kitten Ink is now a PR, styling and events agency, using Shiralee’s extensive experience in these areas. After building a strong reputation in the fashion industry for the past thirteen years, Shiralee developed the blog into a platform to communicate in the fashion industry, reporting on both local and international fashion labels. The Kitten Ink office has recently opened alongside Fashion Palette and Bronx & Banco in a beautiful showroom in the heart of of Surry Hills. KI Services include: PR Representation, Marketing Consultation, Events, Styling, and Photo Shoots.

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