House of Kuweni


House of Kuweni
‘Living is a melodic dance that moves between enjoyment of the finer things and simpler things: one is not superior to the other; appreciate them equally to lift the spirit rather than purely indulge the senses.’
The magical world of House of Kuweni is finally upon us, sharing its passion and love of all things spiritually beautiful.
The exotic brand that is House of Kuweni sells luxurious resort-wear clothing, unique accessories and purist niche perfumes. Each item is hand made by artisans for a world that has forgotten to dream big. It is enriched with a sense of the Sri Lankan culture and heritage, leaving women feeling confident and sensual, and transforming them into a Kuweni Goddess.
From the amazing hand printed silk kaftans, the originally designed perfumes and the enviable incense, House of Kuweni is a powerhouse that is not to be missed.
Selling luxury resort clothing, accessories and original perfumes, the brand has always maintained the making of these precious items with great craftsmanship while meeting the divinity of the creator. Original and exotic, the beautifully created pieces embody the woman who wants to feel sensual and powerful all the while distinguishing them from the rest. Throughout the collection a celebration of the Sri Lankan culture and storyline is acknowledged allowing each design to be as unique as you are.
What is really amazing about this label is that House of Kuweni are socially, environmentally and economically responsible on all levels throughout their collection.

To view the new resort range go to:

Accessorized with Majique Gold Cuff and Vivienne Westwood Clutch from Corso Mio
Red Heels from Zara

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