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Gypsea at MBFW 2013

The countdown begins for the exotic Australian swimwear brand Gypsea.

Renowned world-class surf photographer Scott Bauer and Bali-based designer Emma Jones of Gypsea are excited to make their mark on the fashion world when they showcase their new 2013 summer collection at the annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on Monday 8th April

The local home-grown fashion talent will be exhibiting their latest collection, the Natural History Collection, in the group swimwear show alongside other iconic and established Australian swim wear brands showcasing their latest and greatest creations.

The Gypsea label incorporates Scott’s world-class photographs into Emma’s swimwear designs that draw inspiration from Balinese culture. This unique collaboration of the two artists brings together their love for design and all things beautiful. They manipulate these images and styles together to create flattering, striking and unique pieces of wearable art.

There latest collection celebrates images of some of nature’s most amazing creatures. The inspiration of the immense natural beauty in nature is the core of the Gypsea brand.

Scott Bauer of Gypsea says “We’ve had so much fun with the new collection and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create the unique garments”. He mentions that “we feel the Natural History Collection showcases what Gypsea is about as a brand, the brand has always had strong ties to nature, which is what inspired the brand from the outset”.

Stay tuned on the digital world for the unveiling of Gypsea/s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. To view their current collection ‘the Elements Collection’ visit: http://www.gypsea.com.au.

Images photographed by Benny Luker from Silver Bullet Creative

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