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Many people ask me about my beauty routine. I have found a beautiful range and the best thing about it – it’s NATURAL

Family owned Cactus Skincare help recreate a healthy working environment for skin using natural ingredients. When the recession hit in 1990, Cactus Skincare founder Deborah De Silva could no longer afford the very expensive beauty products she had been using. However, not wanting to give up, and having very dry skin she thought… “I can do this.” She decided to create my own natural skincare products. She became obsessed, reading every peer-reviewed journal on skin she could find. Then with the help of a pharmacist friend, she developed a natural skincare system for myself that solved her dry skin problem. Then she started solving skin problems for friends. It became a hobby. Through word of mouth she seemed to be solving more and more people’s problems until it was obvious she needed to make an actual business out of it. Since then, Cactus Skincare has developed a cult following in Australia and the United States where it has been stocked exclusively through Plastic Surgeries and Dermatologists

Under the advice of Ryan Clark from Cactus Skin Care, I have been following a 3 step process with glowing results.

anti-oxidant cleanser

Lemon Myrtle Cleanser
Morning and night before you moisturise
Gently massage the cleanser into your face with a bit of luke warm water. If you’re feeling saucy, maybe leave it there for a minute or two to let the Apricot Kernel Oil penetrate your pores, I normally put this on first thing when I get in the shower then wash it off when I’m done with everything else.



Light balancing Creme
Day Crème and night creme
Apply after cleansing to to protect your skin from free radical damage, disperse fattier oil deposits and let anti-oxidants to heal damaged areas of skin.


White Clay – Weekly treatment Lemon Myrtle Cleanser> White Clay Mask> Light Balancing Creme
Just apply the mask like face paint basically, let it dry and then wash it off in luke warm water 20 minutes later.
This treatment will draw out toxins and help encourage evenly toned skin. Normally do this before an important dinner, event or party. I put the mask on then do a bit of house cleaning and stuff. Gives me that extra confidence boost to know that my skin is looking its best (No need to do this more than once a week)


Deborah’s son Ryan Clark is now directing the new vision for the company, modernizing and bringing Cactus Skincare to a new generation of users that are eagerly responding to Cactus Skincare’s message.The vision at Cactus Skincare has always been to provide a natural product that works. A product that uses natural organic ingredients that are not only sourced ethically but which are active and produce results.
Photo by Katie Peters Photography

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