Samujana – Koh Samui


Samujana – Koh Samui, Thailand.

Samujana a magical place that will forever hold a place in my heart. As soon as we arrived the vast and luxurious space over the amazing view took my breath away. I knew I was going to love it here.

I have travelled, and this villa really was such a stand out to me. I loved the pool and the living areas, but the bedrooms and the bathrooms were equally stunning. Staying in Villa 27, it boasts four bedrooms, TV room, huge living areas, private gym, private pool, and 2 kitchens. The bar and kitchen was great for entertaining, and the sound system linked up our favourite playlists while we sipped on drinks and tanned by the pool. The staff were so wonderful too.

Every morning waking up to this was a dream! We will definitely be back again.

We found this place through The Luxe Nomad, which is my go to for all luxury travel and escapes. There are 25 boutique villas available and can be viewed here:

Wearing in order:
Black gown by Alamour The Label
White gown by Tatiana Rozumiak
One piece by Camila from The Designer District

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