Di Mare – Karma Resorts


Di Mare, Karma Kandara

Im all about colour.
Colourful dresses, drinks, food and friends.

Karma Kandara‘s restaurant in Uluwatu, Bali, Di Mare certainly delivered all of the above. Meeting with Natalie Middleton and Julia Lorento, it was a girls night out. My friends and I head from our Villa to meet them, driven by convertible outside our door. AKA cute Karma buggie which its an open air vehicle, so technically this is right.

We are met with rose skies and coloured drinks and giggling away instantly on the rooftop bar. Talking about everything as girls do. We realise our worlds are so inter-connected, so close the degrees of separation even if we are in Bali! As the evening sky goes from purple to pink to red, to moonlight – we head downstairs to the restaurant.

Sipping on delicious Pinot Noir and Shiraz we start with entrees and then onto our mains: steaks which are cooked to perfection, even for fussy me who only eats one on the rare occaision. Chef Iain Murray has done a wonderful job with the menu I was loving every single part of the dinner. Im a big fan of dessert and we finished off the meal with this amazing peanut butter ice cream that I was so hooked, also ordering it one more time before leaving the resort. I think the expresso martinis and Julia being ridiculously funny topped the night with it ending back in the buggy and rolling back to the villa in uncontrollable laughter.

Dress by TightTigers
Big thank you to Natalie Middleton, Julia Lorenti ad Iain Murray for a great evening.

For more info go to www.karmakandara.com

DSC03543DSC03574 DSC03578DSC03590 DSC03596 DSC03602 DSC03604 DSC03611DSC03607

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