Karma Beach Club


Karma Resorts – Karma Beach Club

Its been a short while since the girls and I have been back from Bali, and as I post the next few entries and look back at the photos – I cannot help but feel nostalgic about Karma Kandara. It is truly heaven on earth.

When we arrived at out villa for the weekend, we made our way through the cobbled stone paths lined with pretty florals of bougainvilleas towards a beautiful 2 story villa with our own private pool. Quickly looking through our villa amid some excitement and jumping around, we headed down to the beach club bikinis ready to go. We could not wait any longer to head to Karma Beach, as we had been looking forward to the getaway up the coast.

By heading down – I mean getting a lift down a steep clifftop to the private beach that awaited us. With day beds and DJ playing some beach house setting the scene as soon as we walked in it was hard to contain the energy. We had been shopping (alot) most of the week before and it was time just to enjoy some sunshine and relax in this magical cove overlooking the aqua water. Should we order the coconuts or iced frappes? The sushi or the octopus? It was tough decisions, so we just ordered all of the above. While ordering from the Greek inspired menu we also couldnt help but get some fruit and yoghurt.

Relaxing on the daybeds, asking each other life important questions such as should we go for a swim, whats the best holiday tanning technique, and should I instragram that? Enjoying the break from city work life – I wish that life be this easy every day.

If that had not been just the best day in itself we also had dinner at Karma Beach. The transition from day to night was just as incredible. The staff just took our breath away as we came back again for the evening and saw this beach sunset scene lit with candles, a bon fire and a special table in the middle on the beach – set just for us. Toes in the sand and drinks in hand – we toasted to such a beautiful evening. The food was just perfect: fresh cut sashimi, grilled prawns, fresh fruit and desserts paired with plenty of cockails and wine. And the company – couldnt have asked for better,

Karma Kandara, I promise it wont be long before I make my way back to you
Dressed in Lisa Blue Swim

For more info go to http://www.karmaresorts.com


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