Cactus Skincare


I recently restocked on all of my beloved skincare!
It was so windy yesterday while I was out shooting, when I got back home I knew I needed to repair some serious damage –  the freezing cold and gale force winds really took it out of me!

Cactus Skincare is such a fantastic range. They key factor is that its all natural and organic – with no harmful chemicals that actually strip the skin of nutrients like many others on the market. Its the only range that keeps my skin clear and feeling fresh. And trust me, I have tried everything.

The Lemon Mertle Cleanser gets down the deepest layer of my skin and cleanses without drying me out. I then use the Light Balancing Creme for moisturiser which is truly so light and not oily, feeling like a treat on my skin. In addition to a weekly White Clay Mask – which is their signature product. (And my personal favourite) Not only do I use it but many other girls I know love it too! We call it #modelmaintenance

To check out all of the amazing products in this skin detox system – go to

You wont regret it x

Photos by Nathalie Saruhashi



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