The Lair


Seriously it needs to stop.
All I wear in black and fur at the moment and its kind of getting out of control.
But. I. Just… cannot.

With this season of in between, I needed some new pieces. Preferably more black. And fur. I went to The Lair in the new Newcastle Mall, an area which has been seriously revamped since I was there last! Impressed…

I was also impressed by Ash who owns/designs for the store and her pooch Woody who styled me – they pushed some of my usual boundaries and I love the looks we created. The LAIR leather skirt definitely a favourite.

Outfit credits in this order:
Stylestalker Dress
Senso Heels – Yves Unreal Fur 
Onkler Sunglasses
Senso Heels – Taj 
LAIR Leather skirt, concho belt & 50 lashes tote
Bec & Bridge Top 

All available from The Lair – 115 Hunter Street, Newcastle 

Photos Nathalie Saruhashi


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