The question that I get asked the most is :

A daily dilemna for most, but when it comes to special occaisions – I think that task is enough to freak out even the most prepared person.

I agree – Its hard to find something that looks good and FEELS good.
Most of the time if it looks amazing – its hard work
and if its easy to wear its unlikely to make someone look twice.

I have good news: I have found the label that ticks all the boxes.
You can wear it for special occaisons, form fitting (like a glove) and it is easy to wear, with perfect tailoring in designs that just lets you enjoy your night.

I am the kind of person that if I dont like what I am wearing – forget it, I wont have a good time. Call that high maintenance or what you wish, but its just common sense – if you feel good, you project that energy.

I wore Galanni to the MBFWA Official After Party and it was the best experience. I needed something beautiful but something I could move around in easily so I could talk to everyone and have a great time. Everyone kept asking me about that dress!
I am actually in love with the whole Galanni collection! I would wear every single piece and I cannot say that about most labels. For more click here

I wanted to shoot this gold Aurelia dress by Galanni in a location I know in Balmain. It was like visiting the same place with different eyes. Its a location I have used before, and I kept thinking what a difference a few years can really make. It was still the same place – but with a different perspective.

Photos by Nathalie Saruhashi

golden5 golden4golden2 golden1golden6

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