Bodiplus Juice Detox

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Bodiplus Juice Detox

Leading up to Fashion Week, I was feeling very over worked, stressed and tired. I was looking for something that would refresh me and make me feel more energised. When speaking about this to my friend (and also recently qualified PT) Kristie Marsh, she recommended this juice detox to help cleanse my system.

This led me to an introduction to Lian Monley from Bodiplus. Lian has lived and breathed health and fitness all her working life. In a thrilling career to date, Lian has worked for celebrities such as Mariah Carey and global dignitaries such as the US Ambassador to Spain. This has enabled her to collect extensive nutritional information and knowledge along the way, gaining an in-depth insight into the amazing benefits of organic produce and the real difference these food items can make to improve overall health andwellbeing.

_MG_5929 copy _MG_5913 copy Any step towards a healthier lifestyle is the right step. That is Lian’s mantra and the reasoning behind the Bodiplus concept. Lian noticed that there was a huge market for quick fix, call a 1300 number and buy online de-tox products, all offering quick results and rapid weight loss. There is no doubt you can lose large amounts of weight on these diets, but what is important to Lian is what happens afterwards.

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Bodiplus was born out of a need to share a new way to approach positive nutrition and diet choices. The Bodiplus range of juices and cleanses have all been chosen for their potent, nutritional content and they all taste fabulous! Carrot, beetroot, celery, spinach, kale and young coconut are just some of the health giving produce used in the health packed, organic juices.

They arrive freshly squeezed with no added water and in conveniently sized, recyclable glass bottles which are numbered so you know which juice to drink first. All you need to do is enjoy your juices and drink plenty of water in-between

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The team at Bodiplus don’t just juice and leave. There is a whole support package, such as a free e-book which comes with every order and guides you through the juicing process, The book covers the benefits of organic, what will happen to your body over the de-tox and motivational tipsto stop you cracking and reaching for the potato chips!

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After the juice cleanse, and if you are serious about a real change in your diet, you can call on Lian or one of her nutritionists to visit your home. The Bodiplus nutritionists will clear out your pantry and teach you which foods should be in there and throw away the bad stuff! They can also take you out on a supermarket or farmers market excursion, which is where you will learn which items should go in your trolley, how to understand food labelling and also which organic fruits and veggies will benefit you and your family most of all.

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It is never too late to reset your body to zero with a Bodiplus Juice cleanse. Packed with 6kgs of organic produce in one days worth of juices, you are cleansing your body the natural way and topping up your fuel tank with a potent mix of vitamins and minerals which leave you full of energy, clarity and of course lighter!

Bodiplus – an organic, natural, sustainable way to long term health and fitness.

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To view and purchase various different detox options go to:

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