Vogue Australia January 2014


Since I am loving summer in Australia right now I wanted to share this, especially with my international readers. This captures both the beach and my love of fashion perfectly in one editorial.

Vogue Australia January 2014

Photographer Benny Horne
Model Nicole Pollard
Stylist Christine Centenera
Hair Michele McQuillan
Makeup Victoria Baron

nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-1 nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-2 nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-3 nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-4 nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-5 nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-6 nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-7 nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-8 nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-9 nicole-pollard-benny-horne-vogue-australia-2014-10


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