We Are Handsome

El Nido DSC06405Take me back to El Nido….

I am missing the islands so much…
Although the summer holidays in Sydney have been amazing – I am not being spoilt, I do admit a part of me is still in Palawan.

These images were taken at Entalula Beach Club, part of El Nido Resorts, by Jamie Dichaves. Entalula is a private beach club for El Nido Resort guests and a MUST if youre going to the Philippines. Getting there you have to go by chartered boat. Once you arrive its like something out of a movie. Small huts with hammocks, a bar in the middle of the white sand beach, which overlooks crystal blue and aqua waters.

I am wearing We Are Handsome bikini from the 2014 collection. Sadly – I cannot believe that the We Are Handsome partners split, and I do hope the amazing brand continues to live on in the new year. I love that every piece is 100% Australian designed, every thread is Australian sewn and every We Are Handsome suit is loved. The We Are Handsome vision is to ‘to create spellbinding works of art’ and they have done this with every collection, wowing followers with their artistic flair.

We Are Handsome was born on the cusp of summer 2009, the colourful palettes of inspiration and finely shaped cuts recall the halcyonic, sun drenched days of summers that made the brand what it is today. Here’s to hoping the handsome magic doesn’t stop….

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