You By Sia



To the envy of one of my best friend’s beautiful skin, I asked how she got this recent glow. It wasn’t long before I tried out her beauty secret.

I went to You by Sia to speak to Sia herself about my skin. We went into detail about what the current state of my skin and used the most advanced technology I have seen in a salon to analyse what exactly I needed.

She explained the Micro and Macro dermal Facials, which are performed without any abrasion, which can correct and renew any skin condition without any pain. Using a combination of Ultrasonic cleansing, infusing and healing they effectively detox even the most congested skin.

The highly trained therapist actually drives the nutrients and active ingredients to the deeper layer of the skin where problems and aging occur. This repairs damaged, impaired and putting skin back to it’s beautiful youthful state.

After only my first treatment I understood what what Sia meant about my skin being able to ‘breathe” for the 1st time. The freshness, firmness, texture and plumping of my skin left me wanting another – and I have returned for more..

This signature You by Sia facial uses a combination of Ultrasonic technology, skin resurfacing masks, Bio light therapy and dermal delivery of potent ingredients. This treatment is much more effective than any facial I have ever had

Since receiving this all natural treatments I have also switched to You by Sia Mineral Make Up. It was so perfect for when I went overseas. It was easy to put on, light in texture, nutritious for my skin and had 60SPF for when I was in the sun island hopping.

For more info on You By Sia and all their treatments go to

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