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Lash Out Beauty launches new Eye-Lash Corrective Treatment

Recently I went to the Lash Out Beauty salon and tried the Eye-Lash Corrective Treatment. I was amazed by the results and my new eyelashes have lasted so well!

Lash Out Beauty has launched a new Eye-Lash Correction Treatment – a delicate technique that involves the removal and re-application of eye-lash extensions – as a part of wider campaign to educate Australian women on eye-lash health.

Created by Lash Out Beauty founder and eye-lash expert, Sophia Tzakis – the Eye-Lash Correction Treatment has been designed specifically to fix incorrect lash applications in terms of length and appearance; enhance the life-span of applied lashes; protect and ensure the health of natural lashes, and further raise awareness of correct lash applications amongst Australian women.

“I noticed that when women were visiting my salon for lash maintenance, their lashes had been applied incorrectly – as a result these women were experiencing discomfort, having to maintain their lashes more regularly than necessary and also losing their natural lashes,” said Sophia.

Further, upon explaining that the reason behind their issue was due to incorrect application she realised there was a need to treat the issue and also for the women to be educated.

How Eye-Lash Correction Treatment works:

– Women’s lashes are examined by Lash Out Beauty experts, who are trained and educated to recognize flaws in application

– Incorrect lash application is removed; Lash Out Beauty experts save lashes that can be molded into new application design

– New lashes are applied in a delicate technique that binds one extension to each natural lash that is mid-way through its life cycle (60-90 days).

This last point is crucial for a healthy and lasting lash application explains Sophia, “if lashes are applied on baby-lashes the weight of the extension will cut the life-span short. On the other hand if they are applied to older lashes, they will fall out naturally too soon.”

In addition to the Eye-Lash Corrective Treatment, Lash Out Beauty specialises in all lash services including application, removal, tint, perm – as well as an array of others which are listed here –

For more information please visit website
Price is on application. If you mention Kitten Ink you will receive 20% off your first treatment!

For all PR enquiries – contact
Images of treatment before and after are available upon request and here –







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