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Shiralee Coleman

Shiralee has always followed her heart. Her lovers have included Louis Vuitton, and Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent, all of who all play their part. She believes we all need someone to hold our hand, or make us feel taller. “The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of a man she loves. But for those who havent had the fortune of finding this happiness, I am there” – Yves Saint Laurent

With extensive fashion experience in Australia and internationally, she has travelled the world with her love of fashion, music, art and culture. There has been the never-ending task of finding the perfect dress. Completing a University degree in Business with a double Major in Marketing and Management – set the strong foundations for her career. With extensive fashion experience in Australia and internationally Shiralee has always been determined to always do what she is passionate about. Working in the fashion industry for the past 13 years, Shiralee has worked with labels Calvin Klein, Armani, Vision Direct, Nomiki Glynatsis Couture, Opa Designs, Gemeli Power, Lisa Blue, Gary Yang, Viparo, Majique, La Piu Bella, Achea-mpong, Love from Venus, Halsinky, Gypsea, Wild Pony, Innerpower, Bronx and Banco, Halsinky, Guess, Seduce, Katherine, Blue Juice and overseas for Brown Thomas, Ireland and Bespoke Media in Spain. Marketing for these brands has opened many doors. With a heart for fashion, her career has included working both as an agent and exclusively in-house, as well in front and behind the camera – enabling a 360 degree angle on each project. A very driven and passionate fashionista, she is always endlessly exploring the fashion market and pushing for over and above for each of the labels she works with. Shiralee currently works for Raw Fashion Agency as the PR Manager.

Shiralee designs and strategically implemented fashion campaigns from start to finish – from the original creative ideas, producing and styling photo shoots, designing marketing material, and implementing campaigns across print, television and social media. She has strong industry contacts and a professional team that she has worked with for many years in order to achieve results. Her portfolio speaks for itself.

In amongst all this hard work there is some play too, with fashion shows and event appearances all part of the package. Fashion Week – being the most important week of the calander.

Take a window seat into the world of Kitten Ink – her style, passion and her experience in fashion PR

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